What About my Hip?

Did anybody ever asked you to hit them on his hip? Well, you might wonder if this phrase means to literally give him a hit on his hips. In the techie world, hit me on the hip simply means to give a call for someone, or to page someone. Do you want to know more on how to respond when somebody asks you to hit them on the hip?

give me a call

This blog talks about how pagers had brought convenience to the society even with the presence of mobile phones. Even this portable one-way device can be less attractive if you are a fashion-driven person, still this blog will surprise you on how pagers actually work and who they use such device.

As you go around this blog, we invite you to discover deeply on how this device can actually be a good use for you. When you know how to hit someone in his hip, then you surely won’t miss to have this device on your pockets, wherever you go.